December 09, 2020

Any sense to record my own life?


Warning : This article is a tranlation of this article.

Woops, finally I bought a new camera.

At this time, I would never buy, I mentioned it's not a practical price at this time though. I bought the Q, not the CL. Because of the Q2 was released, price of used ones droped sharply and that's why somehow I bought. Though I used to say "I want the CL", it was the Q for me to shoot what I want to take. And it was what I need.

The way to buy.

I've used D-LUX typ 109 for years and I liked it. Though I think I will keep on using it, now there's an issue.

On the sensor of it, maybe there's something like dust. Now when I take photos, there's a circle stain on right bottom properly.

I was planning to have it fixed though, I thought that I would feel uneasy with no cameras, "So let's buy new one". In addition, I've never bought any cameras since I bought the D-LUX typ 109.

I've chosen the Q, not CL

After I played with the PEN and the OM-D, I got not to feel joyful with changing lenses.

So I'd thought about why I didn't feel so before I bought. And the answer I reached was "What I want is not to create art, it's to record my own life".

For instance, it's absolutely crappy though, why I took a photo on the top of this article and what I wanted to do is to mention it "This says not to park bikes here!!".

And next one.


Though this is a sign that says parking bikes is not allowed around this area, there was like a photo below next to the sign.


So I thought "This is allowed because this is not a bike, this is as a sign" while walking. Yes, it's crappy. But it is important.

It's still difficult only a fixed focal lens. What I hope to do.

Next thing, what I found. I'm not sure that how much my field of view is though, the view that I feel "I can see!!" is about 35mm angle of view. When I focused on something, it may be 50mm angle of view.

Although I'm seeing more than that angle of view, the view remains on my memory is that angle of view.

So when I even usedf the D-LUX, angle of views I use are mostly 35mm or 50mm, and I sometimes used 28mm and 70mm. I mentioned it on this article.

About zoom lens. It's useful to use lever as steps, I can change angle of view between 24mm, 35mm and 50mm easily which I usually use. It's strictly not same to change between each single lenses though, I feel like that.

What I want is this and the Q is exactly this.

The lens itself of the Q is 28mm though, I can take 35mm and 50mm as cropped (And on the finder, there's brightframes).

It's completely same feeling using D-LUX. It's feeling like bringing each single of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses.

Recording my own life

At last, I'd like to write this. This is the important theme of myself lately.

I turned to 35 (Now I'm 36. When I wrote the original article of this, I was 35.) I have no idea that it's closer to turnaround point of my life or I've gone through the turnaround point already, anyway now I think about the rest time of my life. Even if I record everything, I don't know who cares about it, maybe it's only myself who cares. However what happened on my life, though it's quite bombastic, I got to want to record what happened everyday, what moved my emotion, and so on.

So I take notes what I think at each moments onto notebook, also I write articles like this here online when I can write as an article.

Some of them must be recorded with visual image. They're the things which I should record using camera.

For instance, a mention I wrote about "No Parking" above is the one. I may be able to write same mention with some description though, if there's a photo, it can be a great record. Okay, it's not great, it may be crappy though. If I wrote what I saw as text, I would have to imagine for remembering what I saw, what I saw at that moment itself would be lost.

Cameras, notebooks, and so on.

So late couple years, cameras are getting as important as notebooks for me.

There's a thing now I understand correctly which I used to misunderstand.

That is a simple desire I want to record what I see each moments. Though I know that if I use a long telephoto lens, I can shoot things far from me, that's not same to what I saw by my eyes. So now it doesn't make any sense to take photos like using that sort of lens. I feel so.

This could be why I agree with the concepts of services like "10Years" and "NikoNikoLog" and now I make products like those. I guess so.

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