December 05, 2020

Photos I took when I went to Shinjuku to buy the OLYMPUS PEN S.

Off street in Shinjuku.

It was a month ago, as I posted, I bought the OLYMPUS PEN S at Shinjuku. Just after I bought the one, I couldn't get any films, so I was unable to take photos by the PEN though, instead of that I took photos by the M.


Suehiro-tei (末広亭 in Kanji) . This is called "Yose". A theater for rakugo and so on.

It's already night.

I didn't remember why I took this. Maybe I just wanted to shoot the sky with some signs.


Japanese style restaurant.

Is this a bar?

Restraunt again. But this is not Japanese style as you see.

This is an absolutely bar.

Analog record was used as the sign.

Pizza & Bar!! I'd like to go here someday.

Pizza!! I like pizza!! As I mentioned onto the permalink of the photo above, I hope to go here someday.

There're some more photos I took on this day and they're available with #Shinjuku tag.

It's again difficult time to go outside due to COVID-19 in Japan and we have to stay home as much as possible. I know it. I hope everything will be back to what it used to be sooner.

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