December 29, 2020

How important the visibility of tasks. Why I use the Things on Mac, iPad and iPhone.


Late couple years, one of the important app for me is the app called "Things" which is so populer and is provided for Mac, iPad and iPhone as well. The current version of the Things is 3.x though, I've used it about 10 years since its version was 1.x.

As you know, there're many apps like the Things, for instance the OmniFocus, the Trello and so on. I've tried using other apps like them couple times before though, after all I got back to the Things.

So today, let's talk about apps for task management especially focusing on the Things while comparing to some others.


I think I don't need to explain about it though, the Things is the app to manage tasks especially focusing on personal task management. The best point I like of it is just simple. This is seriously important. On this article, I'm going to compare the Things with some other apps though, the Things is so simple and its capability is also much enough.


Next, let's talk about the OmniFocus.

I understand the OmniFocus is so capable. I know that and I agree with that. But it is too capable for me. To be honest, it's too complicated for me. the OmniFocus lets us be able to manage our tasks on lots of ways with lots of options, for instance we can tag, we can set the alarm, we can manage each tasks on multiple ways and... too many things at the same time. Of course we can do most of them with the Things as well. Actually some of them are not available on the Things though, they're not necessary at least for me. They're ones I called too complicated or too much enough, so I don't need them.

Repeatedly, why I don't use the OmniFocus is simply it's too complicated. Multiple options and multiple ways give us choice, however number of choice is huge makes us need to consider all those things when we add each single tasks. Yeah, you may say that we have option to ignore those, but to ignore what I can see is so difficult. At least in case of me.

Other apps

The Apple reminder could be the one of options we can prefer. If I only managed tasks which're not relating to my business, I could prefer it. This may relates to my work. As you know, in case of me, I spend most of time in front of computers, so I'd like to manage all tasks of my business with computer. That's why I prefer the Things, not the Apple Reminder. The Apple Reminder is simple. So simple. That's good. But it's not enough powerful to manage a lot of tasks, I guess. It could be better option if you are the one who need to manage only personal tasks using computer though. It means that it just doesn't fit to me.

Tasks which're necessary to share with team members

Today's topic is basically about task management apps for personal usage, so I'm gonna mention some apps for sharing tasks with team members bit quickly.

I join a couple teams at the same time, so task management system for teams depends on each team. Mainly I use the Backlog. the Backlog is developed by Japanese company and is provided in Japanese and English. I belong to teams in Japan, so apps must be provided in Japanese. I use the Trello as well. I like the KANBAN system and the Trello provides the KANBAN system, though the Backlog also started providing the KANBAN system as one of method to manage tasks this year.

Of course I use the GitHub as well.

Year 2020 is going to be over sooner. I'm not sure how many articles I'm gonna be able to finish writing though, I'm gonna keep writing other articles as well. Actually there're lots of articles which're not yet published because not finished writing.

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