February 06, 2021

OLYMPUS XA. Not the half size camera like PEN, but compactness is almost same.


I wrote that I bought an new camera on the last of this article. That is this, OLYMPUS XA. The one I bought is the very first model of the OLYMPUS XA. It's only the one which has rangefinder entire the series.

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この記事の最後に新しいカメラを買ったって書いた。それがこれ。OLYMPUS XA。自分が買ったのはシリーズで唯一レンジファインダーを搭載している初代モデル。


This camera is really compact. Size is almost same to the OLYMPUS PEN-S, so I can put it into pocket. But there's one big thing that is not same to the OLYMPUS PEN-S. That's unnecessary to mind lens cap. Because the camera itself has a cover that works as lens cap when not taking photos. So I don't need to take lens cap on or off. Instead of that, when taking photos, it's necessary to open the cover, and after it's finished, what I only have to do is to close the cover.

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このカメラは本当に小さい。サイズは OLYMPUS PEN-S と同じくらいだから、ポケットにも入る。でも OLYMPUS PEN-S と同じではない大きなことがひとつある。それはレンズキャップを気にする必要がないってこと。カメラ自体にカバーが付いていて、普段は閉じておくことでレンズキャップとして機能してくれる。だからレンズキャップをつけたり外したりしなくてよくって、撮る時は開ければいいし、終わったら閉じるだけでいい。

Photos taken by the OLYMPUS XA.

Beatiful, isn't it?

It's easy to control Bokeh, because of rangefinder.

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Thorugh playground equipment.

Lens of this camera seems not to be so good according to a lot of sources though, I don't dislike this.

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Blue sky is always beatiful.

It's capable to shoot blue sky beautifully like this.

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Training equipment.

Light is beautiful as well.

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I loaded second film.

Photos I pasted above are from first film I loaded to this camera though, I've already loaded second film. As I mentioned a bit above, this camera is super handy, so I think I'm getting so many oppotunities using this camera. Woops, Umm, I'd like to go out.

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