December 26, 2020

Let's print photos using CHEKI printer. How about printing services?


I mentioned about "CHEKI" couple times here on Voice. For instance, this article is about CHEKI, and this article as well. I am so sorry that they both are written in Japanese and you may not understand.

I well understand that people enjoy photos on smartphones nowadays. So do I. But in case of me, actually I also enjoy printing photos. How about you?

CHEKI and printing services.

I enjoy both printing CHEKI and using printing services.

First of all, CHEKI is so easy. I use this CHEKI printer called "Instax". I can print CHEKI by sending photo that I want to print from my iPhone. Yes, very simple. Now we should stay at home though, I can print photos so easy even staying at home, and also no need to wait for photos printed are delivered.

Photos on the wall.

At the same time, I sometimes use printing services. Where I usually go is the Yodobashi Camera and I paste those photos on the wall like a photo above. This is the wall of my bedroom which's also my atelier. Size I usually get photos printed is pretty big than most of people would imagine. I think 3R size (A.K.A L size in Japan) is common to print. However size I usually print is S8R (A.K.A 6PW in Japan) and that size is better to enjoy pasting onto wall.

I don't prefer printing photos using printers.

On the other hand, nowadays we can print photos using printers at home. Or maybe there're lots of people who don't have printers nowadays though. I have the one, but I don't use it to print photos. If photos in case of ones printed by printer get wet, it's lost. I know it's even getting better than before though.

Stay home campaign is still continued in Tokyo and it'll be continued until next month at least. So I don't have oppotunity to take photos outside though, I think I'll shoot something at home. We have to find how to enjoy even staying at home, don't we?

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