June 16, 2021

At Kichijoji, again.

I found this though, is this a chair or something?

One day, I took a walk around Kichijoji again as usual.

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Again and again.

The house that I also took some photos when I last took a walk around here.

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Blue sky and roof of the house.

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It says that please contact them for this real estate.

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Do I like things look old like this?

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I hope to be healed by leaves when taking walk.

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There was a mail outside the house. What I hope is tht nobody will steal it.

There was a mail outside the house. What I hope is that nobody will steal it.

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I could take a photo like architectural photography.

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Old apartment and rusty stairs.

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This sticker says

This sticker says "Bye-bye, nuclear power plants". But note that this is not my political toughts. Just a sticker. However I agree with this sticker in fact. Japan I live in is the country where nuclear power plant accident hppened in Fukushima in reality. I will never forget that day.

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Full of leaves!! I love watching what like this!!

At last, green leaves that heal me, again.

That's all today.

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