January 01, 2021

A new challenge. Writing articles both of English and Japanese.


I started a new challenge. What's that? It's to write articles here on Voice both of English and Japanese for a while as testing when it's possible. From last year on, articles here on Voice are basically written in English, because my friends living in each place of the world asked me if I could write in English, because simply they didn't understand Japanese. Oppositly, my Japanese friends recently ask me if I could write articles in Japanese. Most of them can read articles though, they say it's troublesome to read that's written in language that's not native.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja


In fact, article of new year greeting has been already translated. It's troublesome for me to write in two languages as one article though, in case of that who has to do troublesome stuff is only me. If I continue using only one language, who has to do troublesome stuff is more than one, at least.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja


In addition, actually I'm not good at translation. So it may make me write what I want to write in two language, not translation. There could going to be totally different expression for explaining something same. It's so troublesome. But I'm going to challenge for a while.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja


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