December 12, 2020

I used a camera of the iPhone 12 mini for the first time. It's fine.

Yuzu-san was walking on the keyboard of my iPad.

I used a camera of iPhone 12 mini today. I think I used it for the first time since I bought.

Because Yuzu-san suddenly started...

As I mentioned before, the spec of a camera was not important for me to choose which iPhone to buy.

But in case of me who don't play heavy 3D games on iPhone and think iPhone not to need having super powerful camera function, iPhone 12 is much enough. I think there're lots of users who think like me.

On the other hand, I agree that there're lots of users who use iPhone more and more in daily life, for instance taking photos everyday using iPhone, playing games. Yes, this depends on each users' life style. In case of me, the reason I don't care the camera spec of iPhone is that when I want to take photos, I use other cameras, for instance Leica Q or Leica M-P typ240.

Also I was not planning using a camera of the iPhone daily.

So, there's the reason why I used a camera of the iPhone today. That's so simple.

When I was using iPad at living room, Yuzu-san who should've been playing on sofa beside me, suddenly interrupted me and started playing on my iPad, and looked up to me. That face was so cute and I just wanted to take some photos of that face, but I didn't have time to prepare to use other cameras. But there was the iPhone on the table just in front of me. That's why.

How was that?

As I wrote above, I prefer use other cameras instead of a camera of iPhone. But just in case sort of today for instance, I thought it's not bad option using a camera of iPhone. I felt one more thing. Because I didn't take care of spec of a camera of iPhone, I never realized though, I found a camera of iPhone 12 mini is absolutely getting better than the iPhone X which I used to use. Maybe because the iPhone 12 mini is smaller than the iPhone X, it was easier to hold when taking photos and that's one of the reason I thought taking photos using iPhone 12 mini is better than the iPhone X for me.

Yuzu-san on my knee was watching something.

After he got satisfied playing and walking around on my iPad, he jumped onto my knee. Hahaha, He is always around me. Tha shot above is taken with LeicaQ, not iPhone.

Yuzu-san's 2nd birthday is coming soon. It's December 15.

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