February 14, 2021

Power to develop applications could make everything better in this age.


In this age, era of the Internet, if you're skillful to design and develop applications could make your life and experience better. Especially if you're digital native age, I recommend you to be able to program.

What happens then?

You can develop your own applications that include everything you want. That's so awesome. Because it's possible that you cannot find any applications that you really like. If you can design and develop, you can make it by yourself.

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I want everything I use, to be just what I like, especially they're private stuff.

I am the one who wants everything I use daily to be comfortable. That includes the design. Even if functions that those apps provide are enough though, if the design of each apps are not good, they're uncomfortable and I can't be satisfied.

However, on the opposite side, those kind of discomfort teaches me what I have to do on the process of design. And then, I redesign those stuff and make them by myself.

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My recent example.

My app that works on the Safari.

This is the one I made recently. Simply, this is just a text editor that supports syntax highlight of markdown though, I was nearly unable to find any text editor for iPad that provides all the things I want, including design I like. Especially, in case of text editor, most of text editors on the App Store are developed by Non-Japanese, and most of them were not enough comfortable when using in Japanese. So I made it.

I made this just for me, so I think almost all people except me don't prefer this. Even if so, this is important for me. Because I made it for myself to write documents, articles for this website, and so on comfortably.

It took a few days to design and develop though, if you get used to do like me, you can make this sort of stuff in few days.

Weekend is going to be over soon.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

これは最近作ったやつ。markdown のシンタックスハイライトに対応させたただのテキストエディタなんだけど、自分が「これ!」って思う欲しいエディタが iPad 用にはなかなかなかった。特に App Store のエディタのほとんどは日本人以外が開発していることもあって、日本語で使う時にちょっと微妙なことがあって・・・だから作った。




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I'm the one who creates Anonyz whimsically. Pink and red hair is identify of mine whose family name is "Sato" that is very common in Japan, like Steve in the U.S.

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