Floating keyboard issue of iPadOS Beta 3.


The issue is that floating keyboard on iPadOS didn’t work correctly on my iPad Pro 11inch, which split keyboard function wasn’t supported on older iOS. When the device got restored from some backup that used to be made by any iPads which support the split keyboard and set the option to use split keyboard function once and backup would be made, just after making keyboard float, the keyboard was fixed left bottom of screen and the handle that must be appeared on the bottom of keyboard didn’t appear. It seemed that the handle must be appeared on the bottom of keyboard to move floating keyboard freely, was hidden below of actual screen.

How to fix it?

Simply, just go to settings and trying “Reset All Settings”. Then the floating keyboard would work correctly I guess, and in my case, it was fixed.

I suspect that this bug happens due to the backup which was made by iPad which split keyboard was supported and the option still remains, whether current device supports it or not.

Same issue happened on my other iPad Pro 10.5inch though, after I changed setting of split keyboard as enabled, it was fixed. But on 11inch iPad, that setting doesn’t appear first of all, so it cannot be fixed without resetting settings at least currently I guess.



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