July 18, 2022

My thought on iPadOS 16. Though it's still beta.

Apple Store, Ginza.


iPadOS 16 is available as beta and now it's beta 3. Comparing to the last year that the biggest feature of iPadOS 15 called "Universal Control" wasn't ready to use until late beta software, it's great this year that almost all of big features that were announced at the WWDC is already available.

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iPadOS 16 は現在 Beta 3 が使える。去年の iPadOS 15 は目玉機能の "Univarsal Control" が後期のベータになるまで使えなかったのと比較すると、WWDC で発表された目玉機能はほぼほぼ全部すでに使える今年はいい感じ。

Stage Manager.

Stage Manager on iPad.

Quite frankly, Stage Manager is awesome. This and an external display support which I'll refer to later, could be the best big update of iPadOS in last couple years. And I felt that it was nice that I bought M1 based iPad Pro last year. Because iPad that the Stage Manager is supported is only ones M1 based.

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率直に言って Stage Manager は素晴らしい。これとあとで書く外部ディスプレイのサポートはここ数年の iPadOS のアップデートの中で最高なものかもしれない。あと去年 M1 ベースの iPad Pro を買っておいてよかった。Stage Manager がサポートされるのは M1 ベースの iPad だけだから。

External Display.

My workplace at home. There's too many things and dirty though, I don't care. As you see, there's Yuzu-san playing outside of his cage on the left side.

LEICA Q + Summilux 28mm f/1.7 (28mm)

Though it was already available mirroring to an external display, now new option was added to allow using external display, as expansion display. This is quite nice as well. To be honest, I prefer to use iPad Pro for daily use rather than MacBook Pro. When I use MacBook Pro, it's because of my work or what I wanna do cannot do on iPad or it's not comfortable to do what I wanna do on iPad. For example, creating music using Logic Pro, things like that.

Anyway, it was nice writing articles for Voice, watching YouTube on an external bigger display. Yeah, Netflix instead of YouTube is also nice of course.

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外部ディスプレイにミラーリング、ってのはもうできたんだけど、外部ディスプレイを拡張ディスプレイとして使えるようにもなった。これもなかなかいい。正直なところ、普段使いとしては MacBook Pro より iPad Pro の方が好きで使ってる。MacBook Pro を使うのは・・・まあ仕事とか、やりたいことが iPad ではできない、もしくは不便な時かな。例えば Logic Pro を使って音楽を作ったり・・・そんな感じのこと。

ちなみに少し大きい外部ディスプレイで YouTube を見ながら、ここの Voice の記事を書くのもなかなかよかった。うん、もちろん YouTube の代わりに Netflix とかでももちろんいい。

The official release of iPadOS 16 will be on September as usual. Current beta is still a bit buggy and that's why it's the beta. I can't wait for the next beta release.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

iPadOS 16 の正式リリースはいつも通り9月になるでしょう。今のベータ版はまだちょっとバギーだけど、そりゃまあ当然、だからベータ版なわけだ。次のベータリリースが楽しみ。

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