March 23, 2021

Cannot sleep, worried about several things, I know this is not good though.

iPhone 12 mini

It's quarter to six. I got awake about 2 hours ago even though I was asleep. I've been trying to sleep again a bit more though, I cannot fall asleep.

What I should do is maybe to relax, not to think something a lot.

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Born in Niigata pref, Japan, on April 17th, 1984. Living in Tokyo. A board member of a company called "Atotok Inc", working as a creative director.

My first name "Nobuyuki" is my very important name that was given by my loving grandpa. I'm the one who creates Anonyz whimsically. Pink and red hair is identify of mine whose family name is "Sato" that is very common in Japan, like Smith in the U.S.