May 02, 2022

Next to the Leica M-P typ240, there's the Leica Q as well.

Leica Q.

Quite frankly, the Leica Q is great camera. There's no doubt I can use it alone as main, it also can be a powerful sub camera when using the Leica M-P as main. It's too luxurious to own both of them for me.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

率直に言って、Leica Q は素晴らしいカメラだと思う。間違いなく一台だけでメインとしても使えるし、Leica M-P をメインに使っている時には強力なサブカメラにもなってくれる。両方持ってるのは・・・贅沢すぎる。

A lot of photos is taken with the Leica M-P though.

My workplace at home. There's too many things and dirty though, I don't care. As you see, there's Yuzu-san playing outside of his cage on the left side.

LEICA Q + Summilux 28mm f/1.7 (28mm)

When I'd like to do still life photography at home easily, the Leica Q is especially so awesome. The lens of the Leica Q is the Summicron 28mm f/1.7, so depth of field is deep even if to use it opening aperture. Deep depth of field and brightness works well when I need to take photos where it's not light.

Sometimes I take photos to use on website creating for clients. I can take all the photos I need only with the Leica Q even in that situation. This was also useful.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

家で簡単にブツ撮りをする時、Leica Q がほんとにいい。Leica Q はレンズが Summicron 28mm f/1.7 だから絞り解放でも被写界深度が深い。深い被写界深度と明るさが、明るくないところで撮影する時によく機能してくれる。

クライアント用に作るウェブサイトの写真なんかを自分で撮る時もある。Leica Q だとそんな時でも必要な写真全部をこれだけで撮れたりする。これも便利だったな。

Actually I bought the Leica Q first and bought the Leica M-P next though, if you buy the Leica Q and on the way using the Leica Q absolutely makes you hope to buy the Leica M series someday. You'll hear devil's voice.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

実は Leica Q を最初に買って、その後に Leica M-P を買ったんだけど、もし Leica Q を最初に買って使っていると絶対にそのうち Leica M型も欲しくなってきちゃう・・・よ。悪魔の声が聞こえてくるよ。

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