April 23, 2022

How long is the correct interval to buy a new iPhone?

iPhone 12 mini.

LEICA M-P (Typ 240) + NOKTON Vintage Line 75mm f/1.5

Early days of smartphones, it was better choice to buy new iPhone every year. In fact, it was better choice, also was only the way to keep always comfortable using iPhone at the same time. But now it's already not, right?

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

スマホ黎明期、毎年 iPhone を買うのがいい選択肢だった。実際にはいい選択肢であり、同時に iPhone を常に快適に使うためには唯一の選択肢でもあった。けど今はもう違うよね。

How long is the correct interval?

As I wrote beginning of this article, the correct interval used to be every year. iPhone now I use is the iPhone 12 mini which was released 2020. Before that, my iPhone was iPhone X which was released 2018. Actually I didn't have any complaints to the iPhone X at the time though, there was only one wish. That's it were better if there would be a smaller one. After a while getting thinking that sort of things, the iPhone 12 mini was released, so I bought the one.

Recent several years, every year Apple says how much the cameras of latest iPhone got better though, I'm not interested in that personally, because I don't use iPhone as a camera. I'm sorry to say things like that to great jobs done by people of marketing department of the Apple.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

最初に書いたように昔は毎年が正しい間隔だった。今自分が使っている iPhone は2020年発売の iPhone 12 mini。その前の iPhone は2018年発売の iPhone X だった。実は当時は iPhone X に全く不満はなかったんだけど、ひとつだけ・・・もっと小さいのがあればいいなーって思ってた。そんなことを考えてしばらくして iPhone 12 mini が出て、それを買ったってのがある。

ここのところ数年、毎年 Apple が新しい iPhone でカメラがこんなにすごくなりました、とか言うんだけど iPhone をカメラとして使わないから個人的には興味がない。Apple のマーケティング部門の人、せっかくの仕事にそんなこと言ってごめんなさい。

It'll be up to what I feel like at the time?

At Kichijoji.

LEICA M-P (Typ 240) + Summaron L35mm f/3.5

So, whether I'm going to buy a new iPhone which'll be released this year? The answer is unknown until new ones got announced on September as usual though, the answer I can say now is "Maybe I will not". Of course unknown new feature only supported on the new iPhone, may be going to move my heart.

I don't check any rumors of new iPhone, so I hope to wait for the event on September anyway.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

じゃあ今年発表されるであろう新しい iPhone 買うのか。いつもみたいに9月にちゃんと発表されるまで答えはわかんないけど、今の答えは「たぶん買わない」かな。もちろん新しい iPhone でしか動かない未知の新機能に心動かされるかもしれないけど。

iPhone のウワサとかは全然チェックしていないし、とりあえず9月のイベントを待ってようかなと。

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