September 19, 2020

Gadget story of student age #2 - iPod and music players


Warning : This article is a tranlation of this article.

Maybe it was autumn of high school days, I bought a 3rd generation iPod which had 4 buttons and touch wheel, a photo above. It's still displayed on shelf in study room of my home.

At that days, it was so hard to buy iPod which's so trendy in a local town in Niigata prefecture.

Okay, let's talk about music players today.

Music players before iPod

Though it's not so clear to remember, I started listening to music for my interests when I was around 12 years old. I got a CD player as a present for christmas when I was 6th grade of elementaly school (it's age 12.), so I guess I started listening to music at that days. I had a portable cassette tape player when I was a junior high student, and after I entered high school, I used a portable MD player as well. After I entered high school, I started working as a part time job and I got some money which's free to use by myself, I used to use a walkman working with memory stick, by Sony for a while.

Especially when I was a high school student, I rode SHINKANSEN from Niigata to Tokyo once a month at least (It takes about 2 and half hours one way) , so portable music player was pretty important stuff for me.

After bought my very first iPod...

After I bought a first iPod, I didn't use other portable music players. After the first iPod, I bought a 1st generation iPod nano, after that I bought iPod shuffle though, I didn't buy any other portable music players.

Especially I had no way to buy music on iTunes Music Store except CDs after the iTunes Music Store was launched in Japan, so I was unable to use walkman for instance.

And after I bought iPhone 3G, I didn't have any oppotunities to carry iPod. Several years ago, once I used to use Spotify for months though, after all I started using Apple Music after it was launched.

After I started using Apple Watch then, I use Apple Watch to listen to music outside. oops, I got an idea. I hope to talk about earphones and headphones here someday.

However when I got into being intrested in earphones and headphones is not days of a student.

Anyway, I'll try write about those someday.

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