February 22, 2021

AirPods Max. Nothing to complain except the price.

Last week, I found that there was the AirPods Max in stock at the Apple Store, Ginza. You know what I did? Yeah, Of course I bought it. Because only the reason why I hadn't bought it, was it took couple weeks to wait.

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先週、銀座の Apple Store に AirPods Max の在庫があるのを発見。うん、もちろん買った。何週間も待つのが嫌で買ってなかっただけだから。

Simply, Pricey.

There's nothing to complain about the AirPods Max except the price. Yes, it's so pricey as everyone says.

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AirPods Max、値段以外は文句を言うことはないかな。そう、みんな言ってる通り高い。

As a product, truly honestly there's nothing to complain. I'm going to mention abouth how it is later though, sound is great, usability is great as well as the other AirPods family.

But I noticed. AirPods Max is more expensive than iPad itself or iPad mini itself. Yes, AirPods Max must be an accessory of iPhone, iPod and iPad. But what I noticed is that the accessory is more expensive.

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製品としてはほんと正直文句がない。製品についてはあとで書くとして、音はいいし使いやすさも他の AirPods ファミリーと同じように素晴らしい。

ただ気づいた。AirPods Max って iPad 本体とか iPad mini 本体より高いんだよな。AirPods Max って iPhone とか iPod、iPad のアクセサリなはずなんだけど、アクセサリの方が高いって・・・。

The reason why I bought the AirPods Max.

Maybe I guess it doesn't make sense to write only about the price, so let me write down the review of the AirPods Max itself here.

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First of all, the understandable reason I bought the AirPods Max, is because the AirPods Pro works only about 4 hours per charge. If I used the AirPods Pro only outside home, maybe 4 hours battery life was enough. But as you guys know, lately I work at home, I spend almost all the day everyday at home. So I cannot be satisfied with 4 hours battery life, I wanted the other headphones or earphones that is wireless and has longer battery life.

🇯🇵 日本語 / ja

まずなんで AirPods Max を買ったかってわかりやすい理由、それは AirPods Pro がバッテリーでは4時間しか保たないことだった。AirPods Pro が外出時に使うだけのものだったらよかったのかもしれないけど、ご存知の通り最近はずっと家で仕事していて、ほとんど全ての時間を家で過ごしていて。そうなると4時間のバッテリーだと満足できなくなってしまって、もっと長く動くワイヤレスヘッドフォン or イヤフォンを考えていた。

Of course there ware some options to choose other products except the AirPods Max though, I'd known that how user friendly and great using the AirPods family with the other Apple products is, that can never be compare to the other products, so the option of headphones for me to buy next, was only the AirPods Max.

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もちろん AirPods Max 以外にもそういう製品があるのはわかるんだけど、自分の場合は AirPods ファミリーを Apple の他の製品と一緒に使った時の使いやすさとかが他とは比べられないこともわかっていたから、買うとしたら選択肢は AirPods Max しかなかった。

Quick Review.

The quick review from here on.

First, sound experience is awesome. Because AirPods Max is not earphones, is headphones, of course sound is better than AirPods Pro. I don't mean that the AirPods Pro is bad, the AirPods Pro cannot be like that because it's earphones.

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まずサウンド体験はすごい。AirPods Max はイヤフォンではなくてヘッドフォンだから、もちろん AirPods Pro よりも音はいい。AirPods Pro がダメってわけじゃなくて、AirPods Pro はイヤフォンなんだからしょうがないこと。

Second, when listening to music or watching movies, AirPods Max is so awesome. However, when watching videos on YouTube, I mind noise of each videos. This is not the issue of the AirPods Max itself, this is each specific videos' sound issue. Noise canceling of the AirPods Max is so great, and that's why noise of videos is noticable. Got it?

Anyway, I'm very satisfied the AirPods Max personally.

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次。音楽を聴いたり映画を観たりの時は本当にいい。ただ YouTube のビデオを観てる時はノイズが気になる。いや、これは AirPods Max 自体の問題じゃなくて、それぞれの動画の音声の問題なんだけど。ノイズキャンセリングが素晴らしすぎるが故に逆にノイズが目立つという、ね。

とにもかくにも、個人的には AirPods Max には満足してる。

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