February 20, 2021

Physical condition is bad, mental condition is also bad, what to do?

Yuzu-san is relaxing on the green sofa as usual.

Since a few days ago, physical condition is so bad. And recently, I think my mental condition is also bad. I thought I should take a rest, so I took a rest all day long yesterday. I also thought I would be getting better after taking enough rest though, unfortunately my physical condition is still bad.

đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡” æ—„æœŹèȘž / ja

æ•°æ—„ć‰ă‹ă‚‰äœ“èȘżăŒæ‚Șă„ă€‚ă‚ăšæœ€èż‘ă€çČŸç„žçš„ă«ă‚‚ă‚ăŸă‚Šă‚ˆă‚ă—ăăȘă„çŠ¶æ…‹ă€‚äŒ‘ăŸăȘă„ăšăƒ€ăƒĄă ăšæ€ăŁăŠäžžäž€æ—„äŒ‘ă‚“ă§ăżăŸă‚“ă ă‘ă©ăƒ»ăƒ»ăƒ»äŒ‘ă‚“ă ă‚‰ă‚ˆăăȘるかăȘăƒŒăŁăŠæ€ăŁăŠăŸă‚“ă ă‘ă©ă€æź‹ćż”ăȘăŒă‚‰äœ“èȘżăŻæ‚Șă„ăŸăŸă€‚

Not only physical condition, mental condition as well.

One more bad thing. That is that my mental condition. I imagine why my mental condition is not so good recently, that's because I've stayed at home almost all the time.

Until February of the last year before huge influence of the virus, I drove car 4 or 5 times a week. I like driving, so even on weekday, I drove when I had to go somewhere for work. It was nice for me to get out of stress through driving. How about now? I rarely drive. All meetings are online, so I don't need to drive to anywhere.

đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡” æ—„æœŹèȘž / ja

もうăČず぀・・・çČŸç„žçš„ă«ă‚‚ă‚ăŸă‚Šă„ă„çŠ¶æ…‹ă˜ă‚ƒăȘă„ă€‚ăšăƒŒăŁăšćź¶ă«ă„ă‚‹æ—„ă€…ăŒç¶šă„ăŠă„ă‚‹ăźăŒćŽŸć› ă˜ă‚ƒăȘいかăȘăšăŻæ€ăŁăŠă‚‹ă€‚

掻ćčŽăź2æœˆä»„ć‰ă€äŸ‹ăźă‚Šă‚€ăƒ«ă‚čăźćœ±éŸżăŒć€§ăăăȘă‚‹ć‰ăŻé€±ă«4、5æ—„ăŻè»Šă‚’é‹è»ąă—ăŠăŸă€‚é‹è»ąć„œăă ă‹ă‚‰ćčłæ—„に仕äș‹ă§ă©ă“ă‹ă«èĄŒăæ™‚ăŻè»Šă ăŁăŸă—ă€‚ăă‚ŒăŒă‚ă‚‹çšźăźă‚čトハă‚čè§Łæ¶ˆă«ă‚‚ăȘっどたんだよăȘăƒ»ăƒ»ăƒ»ă§ă‚‚ä»ŠăŻă»ăšă‚“ă©ăă†ă„ă†ăźăŒăȘă„ă€‚æ‰“ăĄćˆă‚ă›ăŻć…šéƒšă‚Șăƒłăƒ©ă‚€ăƒłă ă—ă€ă©ăŁă‹ă«èĄŒăćż…èŠăŒăȘい。

I try to think positively.

Even if whatever I say, nothing about the virus changes. Only the way I can do is to think everything positively. I got it. I'm doing so.

đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡” æ—„æœŹèȘž / ja

ă‚ăƒŒă ă“ăƒŒă èš€ăŁăŸăšă“ă‚ă§äŸ‹ăźă‚Šă‚€ăƒ«ă‚čに閹しおはどうにもăȘă‚‰ă‚“ă€‚ć”Żäž€ă§ăă‚‹ă“ăšăŻć…šăŠă‚’ć‰ć‘ăă«è€ƒăˆă‚‹ă“ăšă€‚ă†ă‚“ă€ăă†ă—ă‚ˆă€‚

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