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September 20, 2023

One day at Kabukicho #DAY91 - Broccoli salad is really delicious.

LEICA M-P (Typ 240) + APO-Summicron-M 75mm f/2.0 ASPH.

A year ago, when I started taking photos in this city, I knew absolutely nothing about the city. I had no idea where anything was located and my image of the city was frozen in my high school days. After a year of visiting continuously, I've definitely gained a good understanding of where things are and what kind of city it is.

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My first name "Nobuyuki" is my very important name that was given by my loving grandpa. I'm the one who creates Anonyz whimsically. Pink and red hair is identify of mine whose family name is "Sato" that is very common in Japan, like Smith in the U.S.