• On the sofa. What is he looking at?
  • My workplace at home. There's too many things and dirty though, I don't care. As you see, there's Yuzu-san playing outside of his cage on the left side.
  • Another bike. This is green. Looks cool. But is it okay to park a bike here this area?
  • I like this. Unnecessary to describe with any words.
  • My another workplace at home. On the right side, there's Yuzu-san's house.
  • One day late night at Tsukiji, Tokyo.
  • Full of leaves!! I love watching what like this!!
  • Yuzu-san at living room. He looks staring at me from on the cushion.

Don't call this "Blog", please.

Not works of art. What I saw.

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Born in Niigata pref, Japan, on April 17th, 1984. Living in Tokyo. Currently working at a company called "Atotok Inc" as a creative director.

I'm the one who creates Anonyz whimsically. Pink and red hair is identify of mine whose family name is "Sato" that is very common in Japan, like Steve in the U.S.

This website is where Nobuyuki Sato writes articles or shares photos and so on. Language used in contents on this website are English or Japanese. On Voice, publishing my thoughts, news, product reviews and so on. On Photos, sharing photos I shooted as my hobby.

Some more Voice
I keep on thinking something...

Some more Voice
I keep on thinking something...